We provide: 
  • Diagnostic evaluation
  • Academic advice and support
  • Behavior advice
  • Medication management
  • Coordination of therapies and interventions
  • Continuous care and planning until age 18
  • Parent empowerment and support



Neurological Developmental Evaluations


New patients typically start with an extensive and detailed history from birth to the present.  After consultation with the family and child, additional tests may be scheduled.  They can include developmental, intellectual, behavioral, and academic measures.  Behavior and attention are continually assessed whenever the child is in the office.  Evaluation can take several sessions on different days.  At the completion of the evaluation a comprehensive written report is reviewed with the family.


What can be gained from an evaluation?

After the evaluation, we review results in a parent conference lasting 90 minutes or more.  The conference is for adults only, with no children present.  We review our report, which includes test results, diagnoses, and recommendations for interventions.  We work hard to give parents the knowledge they need to be the best advocate for their child.  We may recommend laboratory testing, therapies, neuroimaging, other consultations, and medication management.


What kind of children do we see?

We focus on children who are developing differently than expected.  We evaluate infants and children with slow motor development, delayed speech and communication, symptoms of autism, and delayed learning .  We see children born with birth defects, and medically fragile or complicated children to help coordinate the care needed to maximize their developmental outcome.  We evaluate children who are at risk for developmental differences due to prematurity, failure to thrive, genetic concerns, and adoption .   


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